In recent years, great strides have been made in addressing the needs of mental health patients, however historical silos in the continuum of care have resulted in disconnection between hospital- and community-based care.


  • The disconnections in care not only result in inefficient resourcing for providers, but also delay access to treatment and limit outcomes for patients.


  • We’re in a time where improved integrated care is a priority. Therefore, improvements in transitions of care are imperative.



To better serve patient’s mental health needs, we need work together across the continuum of care.


  • SMART Conference will help open the dialogue between primary care providers and hospital specialists to better understand each other and improve the ways we work together.


  • When primary care providers and specialists work in a partnership that is grounded in the best practice and evidence, we can improve quality, outcomes, and transitions of patients’ care between hospital and the community.


  • Holistic and evidence-based care strategies as well as better coordination can also lead to improved workflow for physicians.